Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Advisor Services

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Advisor Services

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Consulting Services That Help You Save Time, Reduce Stress, & Provide Value to Your Business’s IT Needs

Don’t get caught off guard. In today’s fast-paced environment of technological change, significant opportunities exist for organizations to stay ahead, or get ahead, of marketplace conditions while leveraging technology as a strategic advantage. However, investing in hiring, training, and retaining a dedicated chief information officer (CIO) can be prohibitive and difficult to justify. If you’re searching for a remote part-time CIO, BKD can help. Our trusted advisors have years of experience operating in diverse IT environments and can help you save time, reduce stress, and provide value to your business. BKD’s vCIO advisors possess technical backgrounds, are familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, and seek solutions to help you reach your business objectives. We want to be your independent resource that’s committed to your success. Contact us today for more information on outsourcing an interim CIO.

Overview & Onboarding

BKD’s vClO advisors are executives who can serve as your IT liaisons. We start by understanding your key business goals and objectives. We also want to learn about your technical limitations and requirements. Our vCIO advisors can provide all-important “operating experience” and help answer these questions:

  • Do your IT strategic goals align with and support business objectives?
  • Do you need better alignment between business objectives and IT infrastructure requirements?
  • Does your managed services provider have your best interests in mind?
  • What are your budget goals and cost-reduction measures, if any?
  • How dependent are you on legacy applications or legacy operating systems?
  • What work or applications should be cloud-based?

IT Strategic Planning

BKD can help you establish your IT strategic plan and identify key initiatives to move the plan forward. In addition, we can assist with IT budget planning and forecasting and help you prepare the IT infrastructure life cycle and overall succession planning efforts.

IT Operational Oversight

Our advisors can assist with staffing structure, succession, skill sets, and roles. In addition, we can assess and advise in help desk operational efficiencies and general change management, as well as help oversee proposed and approved projects for the upcoming year.

IT Steering Committee Participation

We can provide unbiased IT project assessment and regular updates on items affecting IT operations, including overviews of regulatory guidance updates, alerts, and bulletins and high-profile cybersecurity risks. Our advisors also can help with reporting on key performance indicators in critical areas.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

BKD’s vClO advisors can assist with maintaining the business continuity planning program, preparing IT disaster recovery training schedules, and testing disaster recovery procedures.

Exam & IT Testing Preparation

We can assist with IT-related questionnaires for third-party and regulatory agencies (if applicable), provide support for third-party IT audits, and assist with the process of remediating any audit findings.

How can we help you?

Whether you need help mitigating potential threats or tackling an active cyber breach, we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist.