Red Team Digital Attack Simulation

Red Team Digital Attack Simulation

Advanced Penetration Testing

Enhancing Your Situational Awareness with Red Team Digital Attack Simulation.

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Assess & Improve Your Network Defenses with a Digital Attack Simulation

The financial effects of a breach continue to rise. A recent study revealed the total cost of a data breach averages $4.24 million, increasing by 10 percent year over year. The average cost of a breach is $1.07 million higher in organizations where remote work was a factor in the breaches, and ransomware attacks cost an organization an average of $4.62 million—more than the average data breach. The study also discovered that response time is critical to helping keep costs down; a breach life cycle under 200 days costs organizations $1.26 million less than a longer life cycle.*

*Source: Ponemon Institute 2021 Cost of Data Breach Study

Traditional penetration testing can help identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s network. However, it only addresses some of the issues posed by hackers. BKD Red Team’s digital attack simulation can help assess your system defenses with greater accuracy.

What Is Red Team?

BKD Red Team is a digital attack simulation that emulates what a hacker might do once inside your network. Our cybersecurity professionals can perform this hack under controlled conditions by using the same techniques a malicious outsider would perform to access and harvest your data.

Our attack scenario can help identify your system’s vulnerabilities and flag the data a hacker would likely target. The exercise also can help you assess how a real-world breach could affect your organization and train your security team to respond faster to cyber incidents.

Red Team Benefits

Our simulation can help you:

  • Identify intruder attack vectors and methods
  • Categorize the data and information hackers target
  • Train and improve your cybersecurity team
  • Quantify your return on investment for security assets
  • Focus on your most valuable assets through a qualitative risk analysis
  • Meet regulatory compliance by providing network penetration testing reports

Ethical Hacking Case Study

Ready to put your cybersecurity strategy to the test?

Contact BKD Cyber for more information on how our simulated attack exercise can help identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses.