BKD Cyber 24/7 Managed Security Services (Powered by Overwatch)

BKD Cyber 24/7 Managed Security Services

Service Provided by High Wire Networks, Inc.

Advanced Security Monitoring Services to Help Protect Your Organization from Cyberthreats

Your organization defends against cyberattacks on multiple fronts. You must protect personal information, block theft attempts, defend against denial-of-service attacks and ransomware, shore up your networks and equipment, comply with a multitude of regulatory requirements, and prepare for the inevitability of an employee accidentally clicking on a malicious link or falling for a scam.

Sticking with status quo mentality isn’t an option—the consequences are just too high. You want the right mix of people, processes, and tools, including an integrated security platform, managed by knowledgeable security professionals, with real-time monitoring and reporting. If you’re trying to figure out how to manage an increasingly complex information security strategy with stretched resources or find a professional service provider to assist you at a reasonable cost, we can help.

BKD Cyber 24/7 Managed Security Services (Powered by Overwatch) brings a proactive approach to threat detection and response, centralizing enterprise-wide security management in one location and offering end-to-end monitoring services for the network, sensitive data, endpoints, and users across your organization. It applies machine learning and uses artificial intelligence, data analytics, and unique automation, helping your security teams efficiently respond to threats and identify critical events before data is stolen or damage is done. Service provided by High Wire Networks, Inc.

Our Approach

BKD Cyber 24/7 Managed Security Services (Powered by Overwatch) can simplify your SIEM strategy by leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and a 24/7 security operation center to help you effectively cut through the noise and drill down on real threats.

  • Sensors and agents capture data from multiple sources in one
  • Advanced machine-learning algorithms weed out false alarms
  • High-fidelity threats are handled automatically
  • Our analysts have time to proactively inspect or hunt for threats


  • Comprehensive Security – We integrate multiple essential point solutions into one platform
  • 24/7/365 Operation – Our security experts monitor and manage to provide around-the-clock protection
  • Continuous Compliance – We help you to meet security regulations such as HIPAA & PCI
  • Cost Efficiency – We leverage AI, machine learning, and automated remediation
  • Affordability – Our subscription-based pricing requires no capital outlay and has predictable costs


  • In-depth, automatic sensor-based data collection
  • Physical (on-premises) and cloud visibility
  • Integrated IDS/IPS paired with AI to help reduce false positives
  • 50,000-plus detections for known and unknown behaviors, mapped to the cybersecurity kill chain
  • Simple, easy-to-use GUI dashboards
  • Advanced analytics and data-lake mining
  • Integration with other systems
  • APIs for data export
  • Built-in event-response and case-management capabilities

How can we help you?

Whether you need help mitigating potential threats or tackling an active cyber breach, we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist.